Prevention Campaign against Occupational Skin Diseases

This campaign could be realized thanks to the idea of Dr med Daniel Perrenoud, dermatologist and specialist on occupational skin deseases in collaboration with the designer Thierry Gogniat.

In 1999 more than 300 cases with pedagogical material in French, Italian and German were created and distributed at the main vocational schools in Switzerland. Therewith the first step towards a prevention campaign based on an advanced training course accessible to everyone had been initiated.

Each case contained a video-clip; a series of transparencies; slides of occupational situations and illustrations of hand dermatitis; a question and answer list; samples of hand cream and folders.

The course has been worked out in such a way that every teacher is able to impart the message of prevention in a motivating manner to his students, with the aim that each trainee encounters this message at least once during his apprenticeship.

At present time these cases are still in use at the vocational schools, although they are run out.

Since 2003 the pedagogical material has been redesigned and adapted to using computers. The course is henceforth available on request for vocational schools in Switzerland, persons in charge for safety and security and occupational medicine physicians in this country.

The website is regularly updated and expanded.

The prevention campaign "" is supported by the Departement of Occupational Medicine of the Suva (Swiss Insurance Fund).